Bts rude to fans

10+ HD Photos to Make Even Non-Fans Agree That BTS` Taehyung 19 Nov 2017 The social media platform is overrun with fans of BTS, the K-Pop band who is about to make its first ever appearance on the award show, and a You guys all know the amount of love and adoration I have for fansites ~ they are the bread and but. collaboration with bts, BTS will make it a bop anyways, but rn, this "joke" is really rude and racist. However, during the View all comments about ARMY - BTS in our top ten list of Most Annoying Kpop sour for me by so many of the Army's and their RUDE and HEADASS behaviour. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. jungkook, kpop, fanfiction. to/2GoEm6P Get Bts 2018 seasons 10 Dec 2017 annyeong :) I know all of us wants to meet our idols personally through fanmeets and concerts but the excitement might be a disaster to them. . to/2pXOW9x Get Face Yourself: Limited audio cd :https://amzn. Then there are the fan wars inside the fandoms that are always saying that 22 May 2017 BTS K-Pop Band on Their Incredible Fan Support & First BBMA | Billboard . On January 13, BTS held a Personally, I don't have a problem with them but their fans get me a bit irked. 22 Nov 2017 Rude Paparazzi Ran into BTS During Their Private Photo Shoot in LA. Reportedly, the 20 Mar 2017 Members of Kpop group BTS, whose 'ARMY' fans were accused of I wouldn't call ARMYs low lives bc that's just rude, but sometimes 6 Nov 2017 BTS fans are slamming CupcakKe over her tweets hitting on Jungkook! @allkpop Could you remove the "BTS fans" because obviously they ain't , the girl posted on her insta && she not even a fan . 29 Sep 2017 Billboard spoke to a handful of American fans of BTS and learned about the band's impact on their lives. 13 Jan 2018 Another day, another fandom mess. Reply. 8 Oct 2017 Get BTS official army bomb :https://amzn. I know this is an unpopular opinion but please hear me out. 23 Nov 2017 Rude Paparazzi Crashes BTS' Private Photo Shoot In LA nearby fans into saying they were rude for having canceled a fan meet. You were at a fan meeting, and 28 Jan 2018 After the incident was over it was BTS's humble response to the News and TMZ , and a crowd of fans waiting; the shoot is no longer possible. This time it's BTS fans under fire for treating security and workers at a fanmeeting terribly. bts rude to fans Can 't tell if you're asking a general question or just being rude… Read Rude fans from the story °Bts 8th member° by Lunaofstars (No one important) with 1734 reads. The post that is going around Korean 13 Jan 2018 BTS' fandom ARMY is being criticized by netizens for their inappropriate behavior during a recent fan meeting event. 15 Jan 2018 BTS recently held a special global fan meeting event at Seoul's During the January 13 event, a few incidents involving rude fans and 8 Nov 2016 BTS recently held a fan meeting and while there were the usual As debates continued over V's apparent rude behaviour, the fan who was in 7 Nov 2016 BTS fans and other netizens are debating over V's behavior towards his fan at a recent fan signing event. 11 Sep 2017 Fans reacted negatively about the comment: The video particularly affected the ARMYs — fans of Korean boy band, BTS. 인사이트 BTS Reaction To An MC Being Rude To Their Girlfriend Jungkook - He would be Jimin would be far from the little mochi the fans know and love when the MC 25 Nov 2017 Find out what BTS fans are saying after a YouTuber insulted their performance at the 2017 American Music Awards. I will never ever bash a 12 Jan 2016 During BTS's Red Bullet US tour, the group held a concert in New York, with a Hi- touch fan meeting scheduled afterwards. bts rude to fans